ProActive CMS is a web based Content Management System from Internet Business Design, an Australian company providing Web Applications since 1996.

Tired of waiting for your Webmaster to add those new pages or images you asked for 3 weeks ago? Know how to use a word processor? Then you can manage your companies Website and Intranet with ProActive CMS, its that easy.

Want to have control over your site, but don't always have time to update it? We offer Managed Sites, handling the updating for you when you get busy.
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ProActive CMS Major Features
Easy Content Editor
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Editing website pages in ProActive CMS is as easy as using a word processor. Giving non-technical members of your organisation the power to contribute/keep your website upto date. The Editor also allows access to the RAW HTML, so technical users can have finer control or import from other software.
ProActive CMS Article Editor Editor with HTML view activated
Users and Groups Permissions
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ProActive CMS features Users and Groups based Permissions for each Article, giving you fine Read, Write and Delete Permissions over every file and webpage within your Website and Intranets.
Editing a User Editing a Group Assiging Users and Groups to an Article
Public Internet and Private Intranets
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Because ProActive CMS is built around a Users and Groups, give you the ability to Manage Public websites as well are running Private Intranets for certian Team members, Project Staff, Management etc.
Article Filenames
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Each Article can be given a virtual filename, giving it a URL thats easy to remember for humans and search engine friendly.
Assigning a Filename
ProActive CMS Stats
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Easy to understand Stats gives you an overview of your website's statistics, with the ability to drill down to more advanced views and track users through your website.
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