Every CRC knows they need to provide the best tools available to ensure success. The startup phase is a critical time and having the right tool for the job is essential. Too many tools, too many options, too many learning cycles to cope with quickly leads to frustration for your organisation. Taking advantage of a purpose built CMS, designed to meet and grow with the needs of todays Internet enabled CRC puts control and power directly in the hands of those who need it most.

ProActive CMS provides the tools to progressively grow your CRC with sound organisational structures whilst establishing a professional initial Internet presence.

Content Managers are provided with an uncomplicated yet powerful set of tools which can take your CRC through the progressive startup stages.

Immediately start to develop content and to build positive and effective communications with all categories of stakeholders by providing real-time access to information and data.

Provide a solid and stable foundation by allowing the CMS to assist in detailing processes and procedures and by establishing centralised information sets for continuity, consolidation and compliance as you grow.

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