ProActive HowTo :: Creating and using an article template

ProActive's "Save as New" feature permits the user the ability to create and reuse page templates within the editor.

Creating an article Template
  1. Create a temp article to use as your template
  2. Add Title, Description, Keywords to suit this template [we use the word template in the title field]
  3. Select the appropriate (site) template
  4. Select the appropriate Category
  5. Save
Reusing the templateIn the Articles Search tool simply type template - adjust search to search within title - Click Search
  • All article with "template" in the title will be listed
  • Open to Edit the appropriate template article
  • The article presented may be edited prior to saving (Save as New) as ProActive will create a new article with the edits you have made and return you to the original article in the editor
  • Go to the menu Edit >> Articles
  • Click "Id" to sort by ID number - this will present you with the most recent articles created at the top of the listing - your newly created article should be at the top of the list - click Edit
  • Continue with edits and save any changes - Save as Live to make this new article available to the public