• High volume of content
  • Newsletters
  • User and Group control
  • Relevancy based search system.
  • High level of web based self management.
  • Self managed email with web mail, out of office auto responders.
  • Ability to customise import and export of data.
  • Remote data/information retrieval.
  • Communication with remote services and systems.
  • Fully provided and maintained.
  • Payment options.
  • Extend-able with integration capabilities.
By combining national and international skills in science, management,commerce and industry, this unique partnership will deliver the means to combat existing high profile invasive animal pests as well as those that have the potential to cause catastrophic impacts in the future.
The CRC model provides a way to draw together the critical mass required to make a real difference in vertebrate pest management.Outcomes will help solve the prominent and costly impacts of invasive species on agricultural, environmental and social values. The Invasive Animals CRC will create a continuum of stakeholders from perception of a problem, through R&D to marketing, distribution and on-ground application.
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