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February 2009  
Surveying software integration.  Beta testing is well underway for the integration of comprehensive Surveying software.
Added in Open Document format file extensions for file upload system.
January 2009   
Category Map Imaging.  Category maps can now display images.

For an example of these in use view this category Map at  Ace of Spades
How do I display images in my Category maps?
If an image exists in the 'catmapimages' directory and its name matches the article 'id' then the image will display. Displayed images must be in .jpg format. Simply create an image of a suitable size (about 100 pixels wide works in most domains) and name it to suit the article id. Upload into the 'catmapimages' directory - now check the Category Map to see your images displayed. The CSS classes which permit the Category Map information to be adjusted for display are: CatMapImg: the image region; CatMapDate: The displayed date; CatMapSub: The sub line.
December 2008   
IntenseDebate.  Intense Debate can now be easily integrated into ProActiveCMS.

What is IntenseDebate?
IntenseDebate is the premier commenting system.

What are the benefits of Installing IntenseDebate?
Blogs and websites that have installed IntenseDebate have experienced a noticeable increase in reader engagement around their content. IntenseDebate facilitates conversation on your site with enhanced comment functionality and enriches your site's community. Put all of this together and IntenseDebate can increase the number of comments on your site and also increase your page views!

What are the key features of IntenseDebate?
IntenseDebate has a variety of innovative features to inspire your online commenting experience. Take a moment to check 'em out!
  • Reply By Email
  • Users Reputations
  • RSS Feeds
  • Widgets
  • Threaded Comments
  • Tracking and Notifications
  • Profiles
  • Comment Voting
  • Social Traffic Drive
  • And new innovations daily!
 Need some assistance to add IntenseDebate? Contact us for assistance. Learn more about IntenseDebate
Public.  Introduced Category based searching. Users can confine searching to a selected category. Default search results is limited to the top 100 results, whilst Category based searching returns all results found.
Christmas.  Merry Christmas to All. The ProActive Dev Team
November 2008   
Admin.  Further advances in the development of processes implemented in the October restructure including optimisation of a number of the procedures. Experimental development in the areas of newsletter monitoring and statistics.
General.  Implementation of a range of SEO experiments to be monitored over the coming quarter.
October 2008   
Admin.  A restructured administration menu proving many more direct access links to new and existing routines and functions.
Admin.  Added a light-weight Article attribute changer. The ability to quickly find and edit the main attributes of an article are now even easier. The link is found at the bottom of the Articles menu tab. This pops up a window which will allow you to search by article id or article filename, simply make the required changes to the Article title, description, keywords or filename or select from the available listings of Categories and template or to change the article status from Temp (Draft) to live.
September 2008   
Editor. Save "As new" opens the newly created article in the editor in beta development.

New Module. Online product display with pre-populated email content, popup large size image in a fully templated window with simple click to close on the popup window. Intergrates the upload and input of data into the CMS data storage system.

The Module can be customised to display any product type. Multiple products type are a simple matter to add as an additional product module - this could for example be used to display Used Parts or for a separate listing of items such as 4 wheel drive vehicles. 
See example here where the module is running as a "Used Car" Listing.
For more information see more complete information here.
August 2008
Statistics. Added a mouseover display of the article title if one exists for the requested page - point your mouse to [T] under the Link column to display the article title in Public Stats.

Statistics. Added display of the User Agent in Public Stats.
Newsletter. Added a range of additional newsletter specific QuickTags eg User name, User Title, User Initial, User First Name, User Last Name. See Admin QuickTags List.

Article Listings. Added additional Article Listing options under the Edit menu.
Edit Articles. Rectified issue where "Allowed Groups" and "All Groups" pop up page did not display the Group listings correctly. Rectified where scroll bars did not display when listing exceeded the size of the offered window, added display of Group attributes to the listings.
Edit Articles. The article editor now has the capability of dynamically utilising the current templates' associated style sheet.
Renamed "Template" in Edit Menu to read "Article Template".
Added "Newsletter Templates" to Edit menu and provided ability to edit newsletter templates.
Added "Style Sheets" to Edit menu and provided ability to edit Style Sheets.
July 2008
 Newsletter. An entire redevelopment of the newsletter distribution system has been undertaken to enhance compliance with a wider range of email clients as well as bringing together more advanced tracking capabilities, speed of processing of emails, reduction of alien characters in newsletter outputs.

A number of additions to statistics output pages providing additional information in the statistics, added in more advanced IP checking to reduce the opportunity for IP spoofing.
May 2008
 Administration tabbed menu. An inline set of tabs providing more rapid access to a wide range of services. Listed under the Tools menu as "Lists [Tabs Menu]".
The page presents a tab set containing preset listings of  Articles, Article File Links, Groups, Users, Comments, Categories, User fields, Polls, newsletters and Subscribe Forms.  Each tab provides a range of predefined sorts as well as a create new option and a Quick Edit option. See  Hiding or Showing Comments  or Hiding or Showing Categories help articles for more information on the new features within Categories and Comments.
Optimisation and expansion of User processes have been under beta development - some initial changes are in operation with further enhancements still to come.
Hijack filtering - feedback: This has been well received by clients.
Further enhancements to Hijack filtering has seen a 97% capture rate of hijack attempts. With this feature being so successful in reducing  hijack attempts the process will be further refined and optimised in the coming months.
Where do hijack attempts go to?
They are redirected to this generic page  where a broad range of information on the attempt is gathered and analysed to further improve the process.
Inclusion of 2+ Gigabytes of optimised Icons - available from Admin menu.


Beta testing & development
Range of performance enhancements - developed to instance operation and testing - testing will continue throughout May before final release.

Category Control - Active and Inactive Categories - developed to instance operation and testing - testing will continue throughout May before final release.
Comment Control - Active and Inactive Comment - developed to instance operation and testing - testing will continue throughout May before final release.
Enhanced Administration access Menu  - developed to instance operation and testing - testing will continue throughout May before final release.
A range of data access controls - developed to instance operation and testing - testing will continue throughout May before final release.
Dynamic retrieval of Users and group permission data   - developed to instance operation and testing - testing will continue throughout May before final release.
April 2008
Added to Admin menu
Link Check Single Page - Check links in a page - this process will check all links in the template, Images, javascripts etc.

Link Check Article Content - Checks links in the contents of a selected article - Checks links in the contents of all articles.
Edit Article  - Enter an article id or Filename to open this page to Edit
Added new QuickTags
[ %creationdate% ]  Displays the creation date of this article
[ %lastupdate% ]  Displays the last update date for this article
Quick Tags - Social Bookmarks for Seed Newsvine Newsvine,Post this story to StumbleUpon StumbleUpon, Post this story to Reddit Reddit, Post this story to Digg Digg,Post this story to Facebook Facebook, Post this story to Delicious Delicious.
Users may find this service of value ShareThis ShareThis allows you to register and then provides you with code to insert into your page. ShareThis also provides full statistics on usage of ShareThis links from your site.  You may request a registration to ShareThis and an insertion into your templates via ProActiveCMS support at support@proactivecms.com
March 2008
New Support Ticketing System implemented. Lodge support requests to support@proactivecms.com
Extensive work on trapping web based hijacking attempts.  ProActive users will see a drop in the number of "hijack" requests in their statistics. Our testing indicates that we are capturing 90+% of these instances. Some sites we have been running tests on indicate that up to 40% of the total page requests have been server hijack attempts. The trapping of these will bring about a decline in your daily statistics.
A range of appearance and statistics display changes have been made. Stats pages have been re-arranged to provide an easier to view layout, the addition of links on IP addresses now provides a new Tab/Page query of the IP address from.
Additions to Menus now permit you the ability to Edit the Home page direct from the menu.
Link from the Menu to full online Manual. The online Manual has been updated and now allows the ability for you to add your own tips. ProactiveCMS Manual
Ask a Question now directs you to our Support Ticketing System support@proactivecms.com 
Meta & Keyword descriptions Quick Tags have been improved and updated
Dublin Core Metadata tags have been updated - What is Dublin Core and how do I see it?
Utility script for running random images [Development site examples available]
Added the ability to link in external processing pages and have them utilise the default template. These are used when IBD develops custom scripts or processes for your site. Previously these pages used a customised version of your template. The template can be define by the user.
Individual article Link checking tools (in development)
Open images in templated popup windows - example page Ace of Spades
Show current article category Quick Tag: ProActiveCMS
ProActive StoreFront online Manual - all StoreFronts and StoreFront admins now point their help links to the Manual pages.  Public StoreFront users are directed to their own online Help system.
Additional Menu links take you directly to Public Stats and Refer Stats.
Cant find what you want in the online Manual? Request a HowTo via support to support@proactivecms.com 

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