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Dublin core meta tags look like the following:
<META NAME="DC.Title" CONTENT="What is New?"/>
<META NAME="DC.Creator" CONTENT="Brown, John"/>
<META NAME="DC.Creator.Address" CONTENT=""/>
<META NAME="DC.Subject" CONTENT="What is New"/>
<META NAME="DC.Description" CONTENT="What is New?"/>
<META NAME="DC.Publisher" CONTENT="ProActive CMS from IBD"/>
<META NAME="DC.Date" SCHEME="ISO8601" CONTENT="2008-03-28"/>
<META NAME="DC.Format" SCHEME="IMT" CONTENT="text/html"/>
<META NAME="DC.Identifier" CONTENT=""/>
<META NAME="DC.Language" SCHEME="ISO639-2" CONTENT="eng"/>
<META NAME="DC.Date.X-MetadataLastModified" SCHEME="ISO8601" CONTENT="2008-03-28"/>
The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is an open organization engaged in the development of interoperable online metadata standards that supporta broad range of purposes and business models. DCMI's activities include work on architecture and modeling, discussions and collaborative work inDCMI Communities and DCMI Task Groups, annual conferences and workshops, standards liaison, and educational efforts to promote widespreadacceptance of metadata standards and practices. Learn more... 

Definitions of Dublin Core on the Web:

  • DublinCore is an initiative to create a digital "library card catalog" forthe Web. Dublin Core is made up of 15 metadata (data that ...
  • DublinCore Metadata Element Set (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative): A standard set of 15 elements (title, creator,subject, etc.), with optional qualifiers and community-specificextensions. ...
  • Asimple set of metadata elements used in digital libraries, primarily todescribe digital objects and for collections management, and forexchange of metadata.
  • ametadata format being discussed internationally to define a minimalinformation resource description for use in a WWW environment. The term"Dublin" is used as Dublin, Ohio is the location of OCLC's headquarters.
  • An internationally recognised core set of metadata elements on which AGLS is based. More information at:
  • Anaccepted metadata schema created out of a cooperative venture involvingacademic institutions. The conference at which the schema was developedtook place in Dublin, Ohio.
  • DublinCore is a 15-element metadata element set intended to facilitatediscovery of electronic resources
  • TheDublin Core metadata element set is a standard for cross-domaininformation resource description. In other words, it provides a simpleand standardised set of conventions for describing things online inways that make them easier to find. ... Core
  • DublinCore is shorthand for the Dublin Metadata Core Element Set which is acore list of metadata elements agreed at the OCLC/NCSA MetadataWorkshop in Dublin, Ohio, in March 1995. The Dublin Core is positionedas a simple information resource description. ...