ProActiveCMS :: Displaying larger images in a templated pop up window

Larger Images can now be displayed in a template of your site instead of displaying them in a plain browser window.
 An example of this code in operation can be found here at Ace of Spades website.
If a template is not defined ProActive will default to the index template.
Check to see if the following code is located in the head of your template - view page source from a page with the appropriate template. 
<SCRIPT>function open_window(url) {mywin =,"win",'toolbar=0, 
location=0, directories=0, status=0, menubar=0, scrollbars=1, resizable=1, width=700, height=650');}
A link to this process is created as follows.
The URL is made up of three attributes
  1. The references to the photo display code page ""
  2. The reference to the image required "?imgpath=originenergy/0043.jpg"
  3. The reference to the required template "&template=templatename"
1. No template defined - defaults to index template.
<a href="javascript:open_window('  
<img title="Ace of Spades" alt="Ace of Spades"
2. Defining a template
<a href="javascript:open_window(' 
<img title="Ace of Spades" alt="Ace of Spades"
originenergy/thumbs/thumb_0043.jpg" />
The thumbnail images for this page were created using  Easy Thumbnails