Website evaluation

A User and developer perspective evaluation of current website*

An observational report and recommendations based on a Users perspective and their interaction with your current Internet presence.

The evaluation includes a review of your current search engine position in relation to competitors in the same marketplace. The focus is via the Google search engine due simply to that engine being the most often used by everyday users.
The evaluation includes an analysis of current web content in relation to search engine uptake and the subsequent position obtained.
The evaluation also makes a number of recommendations based on the above.
The User interface is assessed and reported on in regards user navigation and initial visual perceptions. These perceptions are the initial 3 to 5 seconds which new visitors to your site take to decide if they will continue to use the page or not.

*Single template

Aspects covered in the report include:
Stickyness factors
Standardisation of appearance and functionality
Ease of use/access to information
Prompts to action
Ease of contact and availability of product or company information
Availability and accessibility of oft required information
User expectations
Other observations

Last 3 months server stats
Identification of main sales lines/products (for search terms etc)
Site aims and intentions
Web address

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