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ProActive How To: Search Articles

Goto Edit Article

Enter search critera

Click search - a broad search across all fields is conducted and the results displayed.

Being more selective

Choose from the offered options

A better targetted search

Select the area you wish to search.

Adding additional search fields

Click add search field for as many additional search options as you require.


It is possible to search for HTML, image names and links using the search tool.

Example searches


Search Relevancy (public) works by:
If document has the whole word in it, its ranked before a documentwith only partial word, eg searching for 'and' will return 'this andthat' before 'sand in my shoes'.

Points are added to relevancy based on its size of data, theincrements are 2kb, 4kb, 6kb, 8kb since the larger the document the moreworth while information it has.
We then search for how many times the word appears in the datadivided by the number of words in the data, more points for a whole wordmatch to a partial word match. Points are higher for a word in theTitle, then Description, then Keywords then Text.