ProActive HowTo :: Add new Newsletter in ProActive CMS

ProActive How To: Add new Newsletter

Newsletters are based on an existing article - create an article for your Newsletter. The article selected as a Newsletter can be a temp article.

MENU >> New Newsletter

Select the Template for the newsletter.

Enter an article number or browse to select an article.

Click View to see the Newsletter. - You may edit the Newsletter content by opening the article in the editor and making your changes.

Click Save.

Click Send.

Sending your Newsletter

Today's date is inserted automatically.

Enter the Subject line for the email.

Enter your replyto email address.

Select individual Users and or Groups.

Click the Send button.

ProActive will display the following icon in the menu bar when it has completed sending of the newsletter. Click this icon to read your messages.ProActive gathers a range of statistics for each Newsletter - see Newsletter Statistics