ProActive HowTo :: ProActive Logs, Restore, Retrieve an article in ProActive CMS

ProActive How To: Restore, Retrieve an article

MENU >> Tools Logs

A ProActive log is recorded on each occassion the user saves an article.

ProActive list the logs as follows: Type: Article Logs

Total: Total number of records held in the logs.

Month: The number of logs held for the current month.

Avg: Average number of logs per day.

Today: Number of logs for today.

Click Article logs

Proactive displays a count of all logs. Logs are sortable by ID and DMY. Click view all or scroll trough the logs to find the article ID you wish to restore or sort by ID and side scroll to the records you want. Check the dates and HMS (time the log was recorded) where multiple entries for a particular article are found.

Click the Title for the record you wish to retrieve.

ProActive displays a side by side view of this article. The Left panel displays the log as it was recorded on the displayed date followed by all information available for this particular record. The right panel displays the current version.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to review the information you are replacing - click restore. The curret article is replaced with the record from the logs.