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ProActive How To: Quicktags

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[%category%]Shows current Article Category NameExample
[%content%]Current Article TextExample
[%title%]Current Article TitleExample
[%searchbox%]Basic Search form with submit buttonExample
[%searchterm%]Display the text that was searched for, only on a Search Results pageExample
[%date%]Displays current date (Day/Month/Year)Example
[%time%]Displays current time (Hour:Minute:Second)Example
[%poll:$num%]Diplays Poll Id $num(int)Example
[%article:$id:$start-$end%]Take character from $start(int) to char $end(int) from Article $id(int). Includes HTMLExample
[%articletitle:$id%]Displays the Article Title for Article $idExample
$showLedgend%] [%graph%]
Defines a Graph.Example
[%editarticle%]Link that will goto the admin.php?action=editarticle&id=$currentIdExample
[%pdf%]Will insert the Save as PDF link and imageExample
[%categoryid%]Displays the Category Id.Example
[%id%]Displays the Id of the current Article.Example
[%pdf-text%]Displays the Save as PDF link, as plain text.Example
[%printfriendly%]Displays the Print Friendly link, with the default icon.Example
[%printfriendly-text%]Displays the Print Friendly link, as plain text.Example
[%bookmark%]Displays the Add to Bookmark, Add Bookmark and Add to Favorites, with default icon.Example
[%sendtofriend%]Displays the Send to a Friend link, allowing the URL to the current Article to be sent to another email address.Example
[%translateflags%]Displays a row of flag icons for other translations of this current Article.Example
[%subscribe:$id%]Displays a link to a Subscribe Form $id.Example
[%randimage%]Opens a Random Image TagExample
[%$image:$caption%]Sets a Random Image Component.Example
[%box:$color:$caption%]Opens a Box TagExample
[%expandbox:$styleName:$header%]Opens an Expand Box TagExample
 Any content can go within an Expand BoxExample
[%addcomment%]Display a Add Comment boxExample
[%showcomments%]Display all Comments for Current ArticleExample