ProActive CMS is a sound choice for those who wish to start with a powerful CMS which can provide them with the ability to extend their online presence and their collaboration capabilities. A CMS system can also provide e-business and self-service scenarios that involve participants from beyond the enterprise.

At a high level, a CMS can play a role in broad strategic initiatives by:
  • Improving coordination with business partners, suppliers, and customers
  • Facilitating internal and partner collaboration, even among widely-dispersed teams
  • Allows better management of intellectual assets.

More specifically, CMS technology can:
  • Achieve greater efficiencies through increased agility.
  • Provide integration with disparate systems.
  • Provide a framework for deeper content and process integration.
  • Offer a sound platform for future application development by providing complex integration capabilities.
  • Add additional layers of personalisation.
  • Help employees work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Improve customer, partner, or employee care by enabling them to help themselves obtain better service on their terms, manage and coordinate multiple specialised groups.
  • Extend collaboration abilities by allowing geographically dispersed teams to work together on projects, collaborate on tasks, review historic information with infinite roll-back ability.
  • Extend commercial information and services to external trading partners, suppliers, and customers.
With a guaranteed adoption rate combined with the abilities such as the creation of  multi-lingual pages and to extend functionality in any desirable direction .
  • Fast, powerful and inexpensive, ProActive Content Management System automates the control, personalisation and delivery of all your Internet needs, ready to operate with extensive modules for added capabilities.
  • Capture, manage and control access to your organisation's entire content base through User/Group Access Control.
  • Advanced integrated Search on meta data and full-text provides weighted results.
  • Provide content in more than 100 different languages.
  • Permit users to search in their native language.
  • Automated Dublin Core meta data.
  • Simple and powerful WSIWYG Editor.
  • Article locking prevents article overwriting.
  • Centralised images, preview and click to insert - resize, reposition ...
  • Versioning keeps every version of every page.
  • Infinite Rollback and  ďundoĒ.
  • Staged publication provides for full reviewing prior to publication.
  • Full cross browser compatibility.
  • Full internal communication system via email or SMS.
  • Designed and test loaded to 1,000,000 pages
  • No development or technical skills required.
  • No proprietary software installations required.
  • Fully hosted, supported and maintained.
  • Integrates with ProActive Storefront and a range of other business modules.
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