Lite is an entry level Content Management System (CMS). Lite comes with many of the powerful features and abilities of our Business and Professional packages.
Lite can be upgraded to Business CMS where you can take advantage of more powerful options and features, however ProActive Lite offers small enterprises a surprisingly large range of features which can easily manage all the requirements of those with the need for a limited number of pages and Users.
Lite provides a broad suite of ProActive tools at a very low monthly cost. Make a point of comparing our features and price options.
Lite comes in 3 easy to get started options.
Our lowest cost Lite setup comes in well under $1,000 and allows for 10 pages and 1 User.
Other Lite options are for a single User with up to 35 pages or, single User with up to 99 pages.
Compare these powerful options with your current web system. 
  • A range of  start options.
  • Add additional page options.
  • The same powerful WYSIWYG editing as our more advanced packages which permits editing via a Word like interface, allowing uploading and inserting of Image, PDFs and a range of other files.
  • Quick Stats for each Article in the Article Editor.
  • Manage and store files as if they were articles.
  • Advanced search with relevancy based returns.
  • Infinite Rollback and  ďundoĒ.
  • Staged publication.
  • Modify your site template.
  • Automated Google mapping system.
  • Easily upload images and documents - browse and click to link.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Comprehensive statistics provide a complete picture of your web operation.
  • Create human readable file names (easy URLs).
  • Integrates with optional ProActive StoreFront.
  • 250MB of Server storage space
  • 1GB server bandwidth per month
  • Full server statistics.
Try out ProActive CMS Lite.
 Contact us for a demonstration together with assistance to test our CMS with your own data and templates.

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