A web based content management solution with the depth and flexibility to provide for all your current as well as your future web needs.
Professional provides a comprehensive suite of ProActive tools at a surprisingly low monthly cost. Make a point of comparing our features and price options. Contact us for a walk through demonstration where you will gain a solid understanding of the capabilities of this unique system.
  • Truly powerful unlimited number of pages.
  • Manage and store files as if they were articles.
  • Advanced search with relevancy based returns.
  • Spell checking.
  • Link checking.
  • Powerful WYSIWYG editing.
  • Infinite Rollback and  ďundoĒ.
  • 3D Graphing module to add to your presentations.
  • Set random image displays anywhere in your articles.
  • Dynamically Position content from other pages.
  • Create simple or secure Polls, easily insert anywhere in your articles.
  • Staged publication.
  • Automated Google mapping system.
  • Easily upload images and documents - browse and click to link.
  • Co-ordinate Extranet and Intranets from a single management tool.
  • Unlimited Users and Groups.
  • Newsletter creation. HTML and plain text.
  • Newsletter templates.
  • Automated publication of Newsletters.
  • Graphical receipt, bounce, forward etc Newsletter statistics.
  • Internal communication with Users or Groups via email or SMS.
  • Self manage your email addresses via a simple co-ordinated tool.
  • Web based email client, set mail redirections, out of office responses...
  • Multiple template capability.
  • Advanced reporting and referrer tracking.
  • Comprehensive statistics provide a complete picture of your web operation.
  • Create human readable file names (easy URLs)
  • 5GB of Server storage space
  • 10GB server bandwidth per month
  • Add on blogging and surveying systems.
  • Customisation available to meet specialist needs.
  • Built ready to dynamically accept external Media services.
Contact us for a demonstration together with assistance to test our CMS with your own data and templates. 
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