• Multiple domains.
  • Self Management of content.
  • High degree of support.
  • Single billing point for Internet infrastructures.
  • Multiple Secured Intranets.
  • Extensive customisations.
  • Online calculators, modelling and predictions.
  • Extensive amounts of content.
  • Large subscriber base.
  • Multiple self publishing Newsletters.
  • Multiple automated mailings.
  • Ecommerce capabilities.
  • Polls and Surveying.
  • Multiple administrators.
  • Customised input systems.
  • Automated Media gathering both PDF and audio based into Year month drillable and searchable data sets.
  • High level of data access in selected formats.
  • Data exporting.
  • Extensive PDF repository.
  • Extensive Image repository.
  • Ticketing sales.
  • Fully provided and maintained. 
  • Extend-able with integration capabilities.
Provide a simple to use Internet based system which will allow the widespread distribution via the Internet and email of large volumes of research data and information to a widely dispersed  target audience. Many and control a number of projects. selective Group based Newsletters.Ability to instigate customisations in the system. Multiple Polling with statistics. Stakeholder reporting. 
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