CRC Construction Innovation
  • Multiple domains.
  • Multiple independent management.
  • Self management of large volumes of content in both HTML and PDF format.
  • Ability to handle large file sizes and volumes.
  • High exposure to the Internet Community.
  • Fully provided and maintained.
  • Custom built "Quick Tags".
  • Commerce based file system.
  • Shopping Cart with realtime processing.
  • Customisation  capability.
  • Ecommerce implementations.
  • Extend-able with integration capabilities.
Distribute large volumes and large files through a simple to use and manage Browser based CMS
Provide integrated eCommerce for file downloads.
Provide shopping system for hard copy publications.
Best standard backup and hosting facilities.
Ease of access to developers and help.
Extend capabilities through the use of up-to-date technologies.
Construction Innovation's broad and achievable mission is to:
  • deliver tools, technologies and management systems that will improve the long term effectiveness, competitiveness and dynamics of a viable construction industry in the Australian and international contexts. This will be achieved through greater innovation in business processes, strengthened human relations and ethical practices, and more effective interactions between industry and its clients
  • drive healthy and sustainable constructed assets and optimise the environmental impact of built facilities through sound conceptual basis for economic, social and environmental accounting of the built environment, virtual building technology to examine performance prior to documentation, construction and use and assessing human health and productivity benefits of smart indoor environments
  • deliver project value for stakeholders for the whole-of-life, from business need, design and construction, through to ownership, asset management and reuse through improved communication and use of knowledge,increased productivity and value, effective delivery and management of whole-of-life assets.
  • Construction Innovation is developing key technologies, tools and management systems to improve the effectiveness of the construction industry.
Construction Innovation's objectives are:
  • to enhance the contribution of long-term scientific and technological research and innovation to Australia's sustainable economic and social development
  • to enhance the collaboration between researchers, industry and government, and to improve efficiency in the use of intellectual and research resources
  • to create and commercially exploit tools, technologies and management systems to deliver innovative and sustainable constructed assets to further the financial, environmental and social benefit to the construction industry and the community.

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